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Summer Songs IV

by David Garza

KBRN 02:38
Kickit 03:27
Birds Bread 04:39
Bears March 06:51
Bears Prayer 07:19


Easter Sunday 2002 I recorded most of this record in Downtown LA.

I made a flier in our elevator that said "Art Rock Freakout All Day"
& cooked a killer olla of frijoles & put a sign on my door "BYOT"
Bring Your Own Tortillas.

A cast of characters swept through.
Strangely no one besides me actually played music
But 3 people did bring their own tortillas.

Among those who attended the day & long night were:
Agnieszka -Polish performance artist
Rose Of Sharon- NYC designer
Lt. Ensign- Idaho upright bass player
Some dude with a fro I met at Koraku the night before
Stella Dottir - Iceland fashionista
Richard Mac Dowell- painter of Cannibal Flower fame
Ricky Ridecos -punk rocker from Argentina
Ed Sanchez -refugee from early 80s Azatlan theatre
Roberto Orejel- Chicanismo film maker
Ramon Garcia- Modesto poet maudit
Some Burning Man weirdo loser
A druggie dude we called Officer Danky who lived on 2nd floor
And of course Gronk.

I had always wanted to make a real time Art Rock Opera
So SSIV tells the mythic battle of The Bears vs The Artcloud Army
This tale went through into SSV & SSVI.

This spiritual battle was between -
-The Bears (working artists who could month to month barely afford to live in deserted scary Browntown -a ghost town back then)
-The Artcloud Army (the new gallery-owning gentrifiers encroaching on our low rent paradise).

Recorded on a handheld cassette recorders & 4 track cassette in the elevators, lofts & alleys of 725 S Spring.

About 3 in the morning while listening to recorded mayhem of the day
I noticed the fro dude was crashed out by my open window
The night before at Koraku he told me he would "take a bullet in the head for Bob Dylan" - that was good enough for me.
I played my guitars & pushed "record" on the 4 track- intending to burn a CD of music I played for him while he slept before he had to catch his 6am train from Union Station.
My phone rang at this crazy hour & my answering machine picked up- I have always wondered who called me & why I didn't pick up?
Sometime after playing guitars for almost 30 min I went upstairs to Gronk's patio to look at the moon & steal some of his 2 buck Chuck. When I got back to loft the fro dude was gone.
So track 12 will always remind me of this stranger who slept by my open window, through my strange guitar, the buses & my answering machine.

The album photo above was taken by Ellen Rehak in my loft where this album was recorded a few days after Easter Sunday 2002.


released August 1, 2002

Performed & Produced by David Garza
All Music & Lyrics by David Garza
© 2002 Thousand Roses, LTD (David Garza) / BMI


all rights reserved



David Garza Los Angeles, California

David Garza has been making his mark since 1989 when he emerged from the fertile Austin, Texas music scene with his inimitable blend of glam rock, Latin folk, and blues. As a prolific genre jumper, he has broken cultural and music industry barriers while building an enduring catalog of compositions for live music, theatre, and film audiences. ... more


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